Extra natural Horse Oil <KOUNE>


Safe and natural BAYU made from fresh horse oil that helps improve sensitive skin

The authentic BAYU (horse oil) was brought to life by a horse meat specialty store with the idea of using all the remaining horse products after they had been processed. As it is 100% pure horse oil made using only the freshest oil from the mane of the horse called Koune for the basic ingredient, it boasts a fine texture and blends smoothly into your skin. Horse oil is known to be good for curing burns and skin trouble like atopy and it has long been a part of daily life. The safe, additive-free oil is certified food grade, and can be used on both your body and your face, as well as on your lips. It is recommended for people who have very sensitive skin, babies, and those who suffer from dry skin conditions like atopy, as well as those who just want an excellent skin care product.

Winner’s Voice

We produce natural BAYU as a horse meat specialty store. As it is additive-free, 100% pure horse oil bottled raw, made only using quality oil from the mane of the horse called Koune, it is safe for anyone to use. A single drop of oil blends smoothly into the skin without leaving any greasy texture or stickiness behind. Because this Japan-made BAYU is carefully purified to food grade levels, it is safe enough to eat, making it highly recommended as a gift for anyone, from babies to adults. It is our hope that our product is chosen as an omotenashi gift that both you and the recipient can feel good about.

2017 5th session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY1,500, JPY3,000 (excluding tax)