Kinuya Silk Hietori

DAIGO Co., Ltd. (Aichi)

Kinuya’s Hietori Silk layered socks boast excellent breathability and absorption. The light socks that offer comfort without feeling bulky when you wear them in layers were produced using one of the few sock knitting machines left in Japan, which requires regular proper maintenance by craftsmen. By wearing silk socks as the inner layer that touches your skin, they absorb sweat and dissipate moisture. A heat retaining effect can be obtained by wearing cotton and wool socks over silk. In addition, each sock is made loose so it does not constrict the feet. The four-layered pair of socks is the base model of the series, while there is a wide variation of socks, such as double knitted socks made by combining silk and cotton, and a double-layered pair of socks for those who want to try the layered style. The socks are knitted using natural materials in pursuit of comfort, and are masterpieces born from the skill and care of Japanese craftsmen.

Winner’s Voice

The challenge facing us, as a business, is that the manufacturing factories in Japan are decreasing in number every year due to bankruptcy. Many people say, if you have a choice between two similar items the cheaper item is better, no matter who made it. We don't believe this way of thinking is wrong, we simply find it sad. We consider the choice of manufacturer and their thoughts on the production process to be very important. We hope to preserve Japanese tradition and culture cultivated over the years, and to pass those values on to future generations. Based on the concept of developing new ideas by studying the past, we are offering silk products that are gentle to the skin and made using Japanese materials. We hope to express our omotenashi spirit, understanding the needs of people’s everyday life as well as making products that offer comfort and relaxation.

DAIGO Co., Ltd.


2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
1. 22.5cm-24.5cm (Women’s size)
2. 22.5cm-24.5cm (Women’s size)
3. 22.5cm-24.5cm (Women’s size)
4. Length: Approximately 35cm; Width: Approximately 22cm
1. Ink Black, Madder Red, Silver, Sakura Pink
2. Navy, Silver, Red, Sky
3. Ink Black, Sakura Pink, Silver, Sky
4. White Beige, Egg, Sakura Pink, Black
1. Four-layered pair of socks, silk & cotton JPY3,800
2. Double-layered pair of socks, silk & cotton JPY2,300
3. Double knitting silk liner socks, cotton JPY1,300
4. Silk rib belly warmer JPY2,500
*All excluding tax