THE CLASSICA omotesando

Bridal Produce Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)


The meal is overseen by Mr. Stephan Pantel, a French chef who has his own restaurant in Kyoto. The course menu, born out of Mr. Pantel's imagination, changes four times a year according to the season.

The guests can witness the skill of the talented chefs in the restaurant’s open kitchen. Another appeal of the open kitchen is that customers can taste cold dishes while they are cold and warm dishes while they are warm.

Guests can use the banquet hall and the chapel for special events and weddings. The bamboo forest scenery, visible from the open corridor beside the chapel on the rooftop or from the banquet hall window, offers a feeling of harmony between Japanese and Western atmospheres.

The staff's professional skills, such as the ability to listen and truly understand, make CLASSICA Omotesando an unexpected, pleasant surprise for special occasions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

THE CLASSICA omotesando

2017 5th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Bridal Produce Co., Ltd.