Kutani-yaki Jar Cap

Big Santa Co.,Ltd. (Ishikawa)

Caps for stock jars made of Kutani-yaki (Kutani ware), a traditional type of pottery that originated in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture. In creating this pottery, the basis lines for the designs are drawn with gosu (natural cobalt pigment) on Kutani-yaki porcelain, which are followed by thickly heaping up paints in five colors – red, yellow, green, purple and dark blue – which creates a deep shade of colors, the most impressive feature of the product. The caps with beautiful patterns made by the layered colors can be used for any screw jars that are 70mm in diameter, serving to decorate your home with an item that combines both beauty and functionality. Traditionally beloved patterns like Chidori or Marumontakaramon are perfect for everyday use. By applying a traditional craft on caps for jars that are commonly used all over the world, they can be enjoyed by many people both in Japan as well as those overseas.

Winner’s Voice

The jar caps made of Ishikawa’s handicraft, Kutani-yaki, were brought to life aiming to use Japanese traditional crafts on something that is familiar to everyone. Designed to be used in everyday life, these caps are people-pleasers and environmentally conscious.

Big Santa Co.,Ltd.



2017 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Cap: Total of 12 types (Yorakumon, Aoi, Temari, Umekiku, Takarazukushi, Marumontakaramon, Mubyou, Sakura, Akakomonde, Chidori, Umeichimatsu, Shippohanabisi)
Jar: Total of five types (Blue, Pink, Green, Clear 500, Clear 225, Earth bottle)
JPY2,500 – JPY3,000 (excluding tax)