barley dacquoise

Barley Factory Co.,Ltd (Tochigi)

Barley dacquoise is a traditional French confectionery baked using only local barley from Tochigi Prefecture. Gluten provides elasticity and flexibility in baked products; however, by using barley, which does not contain gluten, we have achieved a unique, crispy yet soft texture. Moreover, adding Japanese traditional roasted barley to the recipe brings out a fragrant flavor. There are three flavors that offer the natural sweetness of barley: plain, matcha, and chocolate, which can be enjoyed by all ages. With 20 years of experience making barley food products, which are said to have many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, our company has developed a healthy confection, which also promotes dietary education. It makes a perfectly thoughtful and healthy gift for your loved ones.

Winner’s Voice

We have baked a traditional French confectionery, dacquoise, using barley sourced from Tochigi Prefecture. The unique, crispy yet soft texture produced by the use of barley is beloved by many customers.

Barley Factory Co.,Ltd



2017 3rd session Award for Products
Net weight
Approximately 25g per piece
The standard barley dacquoise is almond flavored; other flavors include Uji matcha, chestnut, Japanese strawberry, rum raisin, cacao chocolate, Marufuku coffee and nure-amanatto (moist candied beans).
Seasonal varieties include Canadian maple, Yamagata Sato Nishiki cherry, white peach, Miyazaki mango, winter mandarin orange and more.
JPY125 per piece (excluding tax)