Hipparidako Meshi


A specialty eki-ben from Akashi fun to look at, delicious to eat and can even be reused

Hippari dako meshi contains Akashi octopus and conger eel, as well as many seasonal vegetables, so that you can enjoy different ingredients and dishes all at once. It is the third most popular “eki-ben (railway bento boxed meal)” among the nationwide eki-ben ranking. This eki-ben is made with the hope that every bite will be enjoyed, so even when you have eaten all the side dishes, you will find a piece of minced octopus paste hidden in the rice. The compact container (approx. 10cm) is made of ceramic, and designed to be taken home as a souvenir. It carries hope to serve as a momento of one’s visit to Kobe and Akashi area. From the moment you start eating until even after eating, you will be delighted with the eki-ben, which is an essential part of a train journey in Japan.

Winner’s Voice

With the aim of making an eki-ben that highlights the specialties of Akashi, we have created a bento that pays close attention to the product's background, container, taste and naming. Every eki-ben is made with our hope to provide a special souvenir of a special trip.

2017 1st session Award for Products
JPY926 (excluding tax)