Little shoes with shoehorn set

Art Forme Co., Ltd. (Akita)

A beautiful set of a shoe horn and a shoe stand designed to decorate the house as a piece of art, instead of just being something that lies around in the entrance hall. The shoe horn is made using onoorekanba (betula schmidtii), the hardest wood in Japan – this extremely rare wood grows only 0.2mm a year. The shoe stand used to store the shoe horn is crafted into a shoe shape using broadleaf trees from the Tohoku region. They are carefully curved and polished one by one, fitting smoothly in your hand, while the design of the long shoe horn allows you to put your shoes on easily without bending over. You can also enjoy the aging of the wood, as it will bring out an even more beautiful amber color.

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Panelists voice

The shoe horns are individually handmade using onoorekanba, the hardest wood in Japan. It is a beloved and a long-selling interior product, and makes a perfect gift for many occasions. We believe our shoe horn can offer the guests enjoyment with a spirit of omotenashi.

Art Forme Co., Ltd.


2017 1st session Award for Products
70cm H, 10cm W
approx. 950gm
JPY30,000(excluding tax)