AKARI Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa)

“Ise-katagami” is a paper stencil pattern that has been used to dye traditional Japanese patterns on kimono since the Muromachi period (14th-16th century). Kataribe was created to introduce the Japanese craft of Ise-katagami in the form of an andon lantern. This item aims to offer a relaxing, healing environment by applying kimono patterns to an item that suits modern lifestyles. As you turn the light on, the lamp creates a beautiful silhouette of kimono patterns in the room. Because urushi lacquer is used for the frame that supports the lantern, you don’t need to worry about damage or color fading due to heat. While appreciating Japan’s tradition in the form of a lamp, kataribe lets you enjoy a Japanese atmosphere in your own space. It is also a perfect item for creating a relaxing atmosphere before bedtime.

Winner’s Voice

Ise-katagami Kataribe andon, made with a paper stencil that was manually etched by traditional Japanese craftsmen, offers a relaxing, healing environment thanks to its beautiful patterns. While we see omotenashi as important, we provide products that create a Japanese atmosphere as a “shitsurae,” or preparations for guests.

AKARI Co., Ltd.


2017 4th session Award for Products
W140mm × D140mm × H220mm
JPY170,000 (excluding tax)

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