Koiminori, a specially grown Koshihikari rice of the highest grade from Minami-Uonuma

Minami-Uonuma Ohkubo Farm Inc.(Niigata)

Rice made from fertile land and Koi fish Harmonizing with nature to produce safe and flavorful rice

The production of Koiminori rice begins by preparing the soil for ten years, then filling the fields with clean melted snow water from Mount Hakkai. Koi fish are released into the mud to stir and circulate oxygen, which not only helps to feed the rice plants with nutrients, but also gets rid of harmful insects without having to use chemical fertilizers. Grown in harmony with nature, Koiminori offers consumers with safe and delicious rice bursting with natural flavors.

Minami-Uonuma Ohkubo Farm Inc.
2015 Award for Products