COAROO Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Coaroo bags can be used in different ways depending on the occasion. Its shape can be converted into forms that mimic a tree-hugging koala bear, or the pouch of a kangaroo carrying a baby. Adapted from the construction of baby slings and cords used to tuck kimono sleeves, the patented straps of Coaroo bags allow the wearer to explore new ways of using the bag with ease and convenience.

Using a patented belt structure, the COAROO Bag enables the user to easily convert its shape with a simple maneuver, from shoulder bag, backpack, messenger bag, to a hand-held bag. The user can simply place his arms through the loops, without having to take off or switch between different belts. The COAROO Bag is a modern and innovative shoulder bag that offers multiple functionalities with a simple structure.

COAROO Co., Ltd.


2015 Award for Products

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